Athlete Representation and Sports Management

The Ross Agency Inc. Athlete Representation and Sports Management Division represents the most prestigious corporations and select talented athletes in the fields of mainstream to extreme and action sports. The Ross Agency Inc. joint ventures leading brand names with the most advantageous, coordinated, effective, and strategic corporate partnerships to achieve successful campaigns for the two elite entities. From contract negotiation, branding and business to business partnerships, The Ross Agency Inc. establishes long lasting and mutually successful relationships on and off the field of competition.

The Ross Agency Inc. offers leading edge marketing assistance along with prompt, courteous service with a strong and stellar reputation built on honesty and integrity. Implementing vast experience working with multi-million to billion-dollar corporations from throughout the United States and abroad, The Ross Agency Inc. will become an integral partner in your company’s growth and visibility. The Ross Agency Inc. will assist you in strategizing your company’s needs and offer coordinated talent to further the success of your company’s brand to establish success in your current and future brand growth.